IWATE WANKO de MANPUKU drive passport

The 2019 Sanriku Disaster Risk Reduction and Reconstruction Project - Road Trips on the Sanriku Coast of Iwate

Here are some sample routes for you to enjoy the best Iwate has to offer!

06.Lovers Route ★ – Make your bond stronger

This route will take you to all the special spots around Iwate that are said to bring two people together.
You’ll visit the lovers spots of Ryusendo Cave and Kamaishi Daikannon Statue, throw lucky stones at Geibikei Gorge, and enjoy a fun drive.

Lovers Route ★ – Make your bond stronger


From Morioka

By car 1 hr 40 min

Ryusendo Cave〔Iwaizumi Town〕

This cave is one of the best limestone caves in Japan, and is known as a lovers spot. Enjoy gazing at the underground lake (the clearest such lake in the world) and searching for “power spots.”

By car 2 hr

Kamaishi Daikannon Statue〔Kamaishi City〕

Here there is a monument of two hearts being joined together, which is seen as a “power spot” that will bring you and your true love together.

By car 40 min

Koishihama Station and the Scallop Deck〔Ofunato City〕

Write your wish for the future on a scallop shell and hang it up. You can also ring the Bell of Happiness found on the station platform.

By car 1 hr 40 min

Fujiwara Heritage Park〔Oshu City〕

This is a huge theme park where you can experience the history and culture of Michinoku (the old name for this region). There’s also a “power spot” by an old cedar tree that is more than 1,000 years old.

By car 50 min

Geibikei Gorge〔Ichinoseki City〕

Ride boats down a river flanked by 100 meter tall cliffs. The boats stop at a small area with a hole in a cliff on the other side of the river. If you manage to throw a lucky stone in the hole, they say your wish will be granted.

By car 40 min

Takkoku no Iwaya Bishamondo Temple〔Hiraizumi Town〕

They say there’s a lot to be gained from this small temple, said to be over 1,200 years old - including a more powerful bond with your beloved.

By car 15 min to Ichinoseki, 1 hr 20 min Sendai

To Ichinoseki/Sendai