IWATE WANKO de MANPUKU drive passport

The 2019 Sanriku Disaster Risk Reduction and Reconstruction Project - Road Trips on the Sanriku Coast of Iwate

Here are some sample routes for you to enjoy the best Iwate has to offer!

02.Get the perfect shot ★– The photogenic route

This route shows off the natural landscape of both the sea and the mountains,
but you’ll also find your own special Iwate on the way.
Travel all around Sanriku and get the perfect shot so you’ll always remember your time on the coast!

Get the perfect shot ★– The photogenic route


From Ninohe

By car 25 min

Tekiseisha〔Ninohe City〕

This store displays and sells Joboji lacquerware, a type of local craft. You can also view the workshop and even try making lacquerware yourself.

By car 20 min

Goshono Iseki Ruins〔Ichinohe Town〕

The ruins from a large-scale settlement from over 4,000 years ago. The park has recreations of pit-house dwellings and stone circles.

By car 15 min

2 Door - Choco Nanbu Premium Shop〔Ninohe City〕

Choco Nanbu is the pairing of chocolate with traditional Nanbu senbei crackers, and here you can see the tasty treat being made at their factory.

By car 1 hr 10 min

Roadside Station Kuji “Yamase Dofukan”〔Kuji City〕

There is a small museum of local goods that display Kuji amber and other things, as well as a tourism exchange center complete with a huge float used in the local autumn festival.

By car 15 min

Kuji Amber Museum〔Kuji City〕

Learn about how amber is harvested in Kuji, the only place in Japan with amber deposits. You can also see a hunk of amber with a bug stuck inside.

By car 25 min

Marine Rose Park Noda Tamagawa〔Noda Village〕

This is home to a Marine Rose mine, a type of rhodondite that is used in jewelry.

By car 20 min

Fudai Beachside Park Kiraumi〔Fudai Village〕

Sandy beaches are quite rare on the Sanriku coast, but Kiraumi is a white beach that stretches 600 meters north to south.

By car 15 min

Kitayamazaki Cliffs〔Tanohata Village〕

Some of the most breathtaking sights in the whole country, with 200 meter high cliffs jutting out of the ocean over a distance of around 8 kilometers.

By car 1 hr 10 min to Miyako, 2 hr 30 min to Morioka

To Miyako/Morioka